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Inform Business Services Ltd :  based near Milton Keynes in England : Director - Clifford Peat FCA
We believe that one day every business will have a non-executive advisor “to help businesses succeed”
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And I know how it feels to be in business. Making decisions, being responsible for staff and everything else -  bouncing between excited optimism when things go well and fretful gloom when the way forward isn’t clear. That’s why I work today with business owners and managers.  To put another shoulder to the wheel and add experience and skills that can help along the way. Being a London trained chartered accountant and running my own and other people's businesses has given me a "client-side" appreciation of business finance and insight into the process of decision making. For over 30 years I have worked with hundreds of owner-managed firms to tackle all sorts of business issues, challenges, problems and opportunities.  These have included analysing growth opportunities, implementing productivity systems, preparing detailed business plans, formulating business models for businesses and new products and services, preparing businesses for sale, dispute resolution and much more.  The sectors have been as varied as service businesses like PR Consultants, Digital Media Agencies and Solicitors to Engineering firms and Waste Disposal companies and charities (to name a few). Applying the skills of being clear minded, analytical and a perceptive listener is essential.  But equally important, is using new technologies and methods to review all aspects of business - from operations - to management information and control – through to marketing and customer engagement. Being objective also, means that the owner is given a polite but unvarnished assessment of the issues from my independent viewpoint. I offer an initial confidential meeting to assess this for which there is no charge and no obligation on either side.
Projects  are accepted only with owners/executives who have: the will to change the authority to act the incentive of personal benefit good products or services in a viable marketplace the willingness to pay for advice and support and where the potential value of my input is expected to be higher than the cost of my time.  
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I’m Cliff.  Clifford Peat FCA.
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