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Inform Business Services Ltd :  based near Milton Keynes in England : Director - Clifford Peat FCA
Business booming?  - or planning to scale up your existing business?   We can help with: •	Strategic planning •	Review of your business model •	Projection of required finance •	Identifying key metrics for monitoring progress •	Delegation •	Organisation and communication •	Team management •	Regular review   To discuss your needs please call:  07967 180615 Early stages business challenges - we can help.  Including:  •	The preparation, development and critical review of business models and hypotheses (guesses) •	The preparation of business plans. •	The practical issues of setting up financial systems and administrative processes. (Though unexciting these are very important to the success of most ventures.) •	Raising funds if needed •	Employing staff •	Marketing and selling •	Monitoring progress   To discuss your needs please call:  07967 180615 There comes a time when you want to sell your business.   We can help you prepare the business to enhance your exit value including: •	Review and prepare with you a strategic plan. •	Consider the many relevant personal factors such as tax consequences of your plans. •	Introduce you to business sale specialists and assist in the preparation of draft sale data and memorandum. •	Assist in improving business information systems so you can monitor your performance against plans.  To discuss your needs please call:  07967 180615  £ Business not be so good?  - profits are not rising - perhaps you are making losses or less now than in the past.    You know that change is necessary.  We can add:  •	An unbiased and experienced opinion - to help you consider the possible options.  •	Expert thought on changes to the business model - “what you do” as well as “the way you do it”.  •	The preparation - with you - of a plan to carry the business forward.  To discuss your needs please call:  07967 180615 Home About US About YOU Events Blogs support : insight : vision : energy Inform Business
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