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 Business Management short courses Early notice of Seminar/Workshops in 2015: “Business Modelling and better decisions” If you are planning a new product or service - or need to review how your existing business is structured then this course is for you. It’s an intensive half-day “hands-on” introduction to business modelling - for busy business owners and executive directors. Aimed at developing your business model, identifying possible changes and increasing effectiveness and profits. Come away with fresh ideas for improving your business  Identify effective changes to be tested and implemented Improve high level decision making Learn a technique that is becoming a global standard for progressive businesses See the “Strategyzer” modelling tool in action There will be group exercises to apply techniques designed to provoke creative thinking, provide new insights and make sound decisions. Limited to 12 delegates per course. If you are interested in receiving details of the courses and an advance copy of the course notes (pdf 22 pages) and automatic qualification for “early bird” rates - please complete the form:
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